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They love to tell you, "Stay inside the Lines"

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Elysia ˛.•´¸.•´¨☆
30 April 1985
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I'm a recent graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts (Acting/Musical Theatre) where I served as the President of the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council, the Vice President of the NYU Senior Class, and studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, CAP21 Musical Theatre, in Dublin, Ireland, and in Stonestreet's Film/TV studio. I now serve as an inaugural council member of the Tisch East Alumni Council (yay!) and I hope to continue a successful career in the arts, performing both on stage and in the movies!

I'm pretty artsy and eccentric and crazy and have a huge range of interests. For instance, I won first place at the 2003 INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair in Cleveland, OH with my project "A Study of Proteoglycans: Potential Biomarker for Congenital Hydrocephalus in the H-Tx Model - Phase II," yet I went on to major in Drama at NYU (with minors in Psychology and Irish Studies)...

My mom says I'm "bi-brained" and am therefore "the chosen one" because I'm able to see both the right and left hemisphere's perspective on things... dunno about that, but I am fascinated by the brain and the inexplicable things it is capable of, including in the parapsychological realm. I believe we haven't even begun to touch on the supernatural things we're capable of, and some day I'll master telekinesis. ;)

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